Woot! (Because I have no other words!) =]

Wow. Tonight was amazing! From prayer force on… there was such expectancy in the air… you could have touched it with your hands! (or so it seems!) I feel like I am floating on the air! My God is more than enough! He is awesome! He is magnificent!

Prayer force was amazing! Pastor talked on not being luke warm… But HOT… on FIRE! We began to worship and praise God! Shortly after prayer, I was called into the kitchen! Along with Pastor and other ministers, we prayed for a lady that had been fighting depression for years. On the floor in the kitchen, God delivered her! You could feel the difference in the room as peace came over her, it was flooding the area and the name Jesus was being sang and praised over and over until she began to speak in that unknown language! Talk about beautiful!! And that was just the beginning!

During praise and worship, we sang “We Declare Your Glory in this Place” and then “Shake the Foundations with Praise!” … it got to that part about “This is what we’ve come to do, tear down strong holds, break the chains, bind the devil in JESUS name!” I got so excited, because we had already watched as this sweet lady allowed God to take over her life and be released from a bondage that she had lived with for so long. The place started to explode, the next thing I knew Bro. Tony (Sr.) was getting Bro. Kevin and Bro. Mike and telling them, “Tony Jr. is getting the Holy Ghost tonight… Go pray with him!” Tony Jr. had already been marching around the church with his hands raised and glorifying God. How could God not continue the work already started? Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Tony was speaking in that beautiful language! AHHHH… I wish there were words! I wish I could express how glorious it was!

Next I look over, and there are some of our young adults, who had been struggling with things lately. God began to move on them as well! HA! Boo Devil! These are God’s children!!!! Called and Chosen for such a time as this! Already Claimed and dedicated unto God! Your hold is not as strong as you think! HA! Woot! God refilled each of them with his spirit!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited!

Pastor had fell before church, here at home, on some ice. His back had been hurting him during the service! I don’t know if he told anyone, but the men of the church began to pray for him and he was healed immediately! Another testimony!

After more praise and worship and just basking in that glorious presence, Pastor was dismissing for the evening. We knew that our neighbor was coming with a friend to be baptized. She had called earlier in the week to see if we had a baptismal available. Her friend is very sick and has been told that he doesn’t have long. He had been asking to be baptized. Pastor told Rosemary that he would baptize her friend. They came at the end of service… but it was still ON FIRE! 🙂 We prayed for him, that God would heal his body… and then he was baptized in the precious name of Jesus! To see the peace that came over him as he came up out of that water…AMAZING! There seemed to be a strength there that hadn’t been there before. He said, “I have never experienced anything like this in my life!”

God isn’t finished yet…. expecting more… Revival… JUST LIKE THE DAY OF PENTECOST!!!

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