I am my husband’s wife, my daughter’s mother, my mother’s daughter, and my brother’s sister… and that is fine.  I’d rather be the supporter than the center of attention.  I love to sing, worship and live for God.  He has done so much in my life, and as the song says, “I cannot tell it all!”

My husband and I pastor a church called, “The Pentecostals”.  We are blessed beyond measure with an amazing church family!   I am an at-home mom.  My husband, Jay Jones, is the “love of my life.”  My daughter is the most amazing child I know!  I love my family and then, of course, my poodle, Hershey (who is an adorable chocolate brown color).   I love to play PIT and Euchre. I love roller coasters, reading and having fun.  And… I love to laugh!

My father passed away in 2011, and life as I knew it changed drastically.   (The picture above is of us planting a papaya seed in Jamaica on Thanksgiving day in his memory.) I’m thankful to have known him, and to have had him in my life!  Again, blessed beyond measure!Angela

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