Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Just realized I haven’t posted on here much lately!

Much has been happening.  We are getting ready for Pentecost Sunday tomorrow (or should I say today?).  I am excited about what God is going to do.  We handed out around 1300 fliers today.

Next week my focus moves from school, since Kelsea is finished with this school year, to camp.  Camp, I think, is more monopolizing than school at times.  Need to get some things in motion so that I am ready for that first day… orientation and registration.  Yay! … also need to get the next issue of the news ready for print!  whew!!!  Tired just thinking about it all!

But back to tomorrow.  We will be doing a special presentation, that I am really excited about.  And next week, on top of the refocusing… I am starting another Bible Study with a new group.  Now, that really excites me!

Well, I need to get to bed… big day tomorrow, and so much to still get done!

God Bless!  I pray you have an awesome Pentecost Sunday… experiencing the Power of the Holy Ghost!!!!!

One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

  1. Kendra Lynn says:

    We had a great service today…God really moved, and I think some great healings took place. Scott and I took the girls and visited a lady in the hospital this afternoon…she doesn’t have much longer here on earth, and I was glad we went to see her. The girls and I sang “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” to her, and I think her husband and daughter were really moved. I pray that God works in her family.

    Sounds like you are really going to be busy! Us, too…lots going on in the next few weeks…hope to see you sometime soon.
    Lots of love…hope your service tonight was marvelous.

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