Big Bang… in my cousin’s words

“I believe in the Big Bang theory; however, my definition of Big Bang is that when God spoke the words “Let There Be…”- His voice thundered time, space and light into existence in the combination we know as the Universe; the reverberation of that echo is what astronomers know as the cosmic microwave background.

Dark matter is that element of God that holds the Universe together… that scientists are still uncertain about. But hey, some things belong to God… 🙂 That is my partial astronomy lesson of the origins of the Universe. Stay tuned…

And that , my friends, if you read all three of my status updates… is why God is awesome and we are just pretenders of greatness. Sure we are “echoes” of eden but…our Father is the source 🙂 I love science and that it keeps pointing back to the God of Wonders.” – Julia Bucy, Facebook status updates.

I too love science and how time and again… it keeps proving that there is a God beyond our comprehension.  I’m fine with there being unanswered questions… His ways are higher than ours?  Would you really want to serve a God that you understood EVERYTHING about Him?  If so… where is the FAITH in that? 

Miracles happen because of FAITH and because of a God who will work in ways beyond our understanding!  For example, I had a cyst, it was surgically removed, and then it appeared again… my husband and I prayed that God would heal me because I did not want to face another painful surgery.   After we finished praying, we looked again, and my scar had just grew about 1/2 inch to an inch longer and the cyst was gone.  Do I need to understand how it happened?  No!  But it happened and I am thankful!  And to think, the God that created the heavens and the earth… also takes time to listen to my requests.

I think I would rather live by FAITH and continue to watch what marvelous things my God will do!  🙂

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